Two battalions of the Rwandan army reported near Goma airport.
While Kampala talks, which began on December 9, are deadlocked after two months of work from the new North Kivu are worrying. Goma, capital of North Kivu province, is again threatened by rebels M23 civil society accuses reinforced positions around the city.
The spokesman of the civil society in North Kivu, Omar Kavota, accused Monday, February 4, rebels of the Movement of March 23 (M23) to strengthen their positions around the town of Goma in particular settling Munigi , Kibati Kanyaruchinya and Buhimba. According to him, some rebels associated with Rwandan soldiers moved 1 km from the provincial capital of North Kivu. This information is confirmed by several independent sources as well as some security sources in the province. The presence of two battalions of the Rwandan army was reported in communities and Rutagara Bisizi in the territory of Nyiragongo. “We have information that a Rwandan battalion was deployed not far from Goma airport,” he said. He added that Rwandan soldiers and rebels were seen M23 a mile away, in the town of Rukoko. He also added that in Byahi and BUHAZA, Rwandan troops are involved rebel M23. A BEAUTIFUL WOOD not far from the city of Goma where the cemetery of the former Governor of the Northern Province – LEONARD GAFUNDI Kanyamuhanga Kivu, there is a battalion of RDF same yesterday around 10 AM, they chased the students Primary School HERI and moms who cultivate this countered this to cause panic among the population of Goma. Women, children moved yesterday  from KATINDO barrack. The spokesman said the M23 they signed a seize  fire as the Rwandan military declare war in reinforcing border Congo – Rwanda by weapons. Note the holes are dug by the military
Faced with this threat any imminent, the spokesman of civil society in North Kivu has urged the government to act quickly “to reassure the people of Goma against a possible attack M23” and “arrange a replica if the M23 would take up arms. “
The withdrawal requested by the Heads of State and Government of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) should be up to 20 km from Goma. But many organizations and individuals accusing the rebels have never removed until this distance.
In December 2012, while government and rebels were in full M23 talks in Kampala civil society in North Kivu had reported the presence of rebels M23 less than 10 km from Goma. On 18 December, the Secretary General of the UN in charge of peacekeeping, Herve Ladsous, reported “erratic movements and concern” rebels M23 around Goma. The new threat of attack on Goma by the M23 comes as talks have stalled Kampala and the most pessimistic analysts do not hesitate to predict failure of these negotiations should end on January 31. It also comes at a time when South Kivu, another tinderbox smoking, has since the weekend, sent disturbing signals with birth Jan. 10 to a new rebellion, the revolutionary forces of the Union of Congo ( UFRC). Three options recommended by the Congolese government to eradicate armed groups operating in the east of the country are; political voice, the voice diplomatic, military voice. The only solution is that the military option must be better to end this crisis. With a budget of $ 28 billion or even 30 billion the FRDC can do better if this is being able to play. The government and the Congolese people to unite butter out of harm’s way is the enemy of Uganda, Rwanda and M23. How to get out of this crisis and end the hostilities? The Congolese government to react as soon as possible because  gommatracians  in danger.



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