Fish men are  from Nzulo, 23 Km from Goma, Masisi Territory, North – Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo are victims of looting.

People coming  from Rwanda and expressing Kinyarwanda language penetrate the side of DRC to loot, kill, threaten Congolese fish men. They surround  a long the lake during night. They use guns, panga and others things to intimidate Congolese.  Congolese  one’s  put their nets net to look  how they can survive. You must be well aware that most of them  are internal displaced people , victims  of war conflicts which has afflicted North – Kivu Province, where more than 10.000 people have been killed.  At 3 PM , they usually meet suspected people  surrounding  the lake.  Their nets are taken.

Congo government is unable to secure Kivu lake. No equipments such motor boat to secure, soldiers are poorly paid and the president  of fish men of MINOVA, IDJWI, NZULO declared that  soldiers are paid by civilians 100$ to encourage them but in vain. They have only one boat which is not sufficient to control the wide North Kivu lake. They   urge Congo government to take control  of the part which is occupied during night by persecutors.  Also materials such as boat  may be multiplied so that security may be intensified in the lake.  Why Rwandan fish men are threatening  Congolese one’s?

DRC Government   does not take heaviest  problems in consideration, this is now the course.  This is a great danger which must get a quick solution.



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