Ethnic war in   North Kivu Province  has caused so many  consequences , Nzulo has become a host place of victims of war who are called Internal Displaced People. It is located  at 23 Km from Goma  city, capital city of the North – Kivu Province, in Masisi Territory, BAHUNDE Chiefdom, more than 11595  are living  in bad conditions.              

Some of them were questioned  when we went to distribute them clothes, soaps, matches and so forth.


  1. The first one is called DANIELA, 10 years old from MALEHE, Kitchanga town. She is on orphan. She reached at NZULO camp when M23 rebels fought against Congolese regular army.
  2. Image

DANIALA is a lame and she is living with  her maternal aunt.

  1. MATABARO , 62 years of  age with two children. At her age  she breastfeeds  a baby of six  moths who is motherless. She makes nuts in the camp so that she may survive.
  2. Maman DIEME displaced people from MASISI. He cares 4 children.

How does she live? In a small house of herbs. She manages herself by doing small works such as : washing clothes for reach people, carrying luggage of people who come from Masisi and MINOVA at NZULO beach. With 600 Fc (0.6 $ US) she  buys food  and feeds her 4 children.  

  1. AMANI  internal displaced from KIMOKA, Masisi territory, 19 years old.  He is a fish man. She lives from fishing small fishes called sambaza. His problem, is when the put their nets into water during night, they are threatened by unknown bandits speaking Kinyarwanda and they armed. They nets  are taken  around 3 AM at the first sound of the earliest bird.
  2. BAHATI JACQUELINE, 60 years old  from MALEHE with 3 children. She lives thank to fire woods she looks for at  Virunga park. One heap of  woods  cots 600 Fc (0.6$).  Daily life, with the small amount of money her 3 children eat potatoes, cabbages and sambaza.
  3. LIMETI KASHAMBA, 78 years old from SAKE. She arrived  at NZulo in January 2013 . They are at NZULO while flying clashes between regular army and  M23 rebels.
  4. Image


  1. KARAFANDI BITEKO, 95  years old father of children coming from KIMOKA. BITEKO is old enough but living in un human conditions at Nzulo camp.

Consequences of ethnic conflicts  war are so many :

For IDPS their very first is to restore peace in their regions occupied by rebels such as : RAIYA MUTOMBOKI, NYATURA, M23 , MAI MAI … They are victims mosquitoes, malaria, cholera and diseases. They do not use  potable water and  drink  kivu lake water which is full of microbes. Children do not go to school. The economy of the has declined. Virunga fauna has destroyed by rebels.

Most of IDPS live only with 0.5 $ US.  They declared , there are 6 months, they  don’t assisted by Non Government Organization.  People are suffering a  great deal and starvation.

We recommend to DRC government to take its responsibility  and  think about displaced people by building for them school, houses, hospital… also to help them with materials which will help them to  look for money.

DRC government must consolidate  and restore peace in North – Kivu province.

Also negative armed group must be eradicated .  Bridding and farming is the most important  thing  for the a human being , we recommend to  government to give a space  to IDPS where they can farm and bride  and also give them hoes, panga.  A certain saying goes : “Teach me how to fish instead of giving me a fish”





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