Ethnic conflicts war  in the Eastern  part of the Democratic Republic of  Congo, many consequences  erupted in North – Kivu Province.

Since may, NYIRAGONGO and RUTSHURU territories, in North – Kivu Province are under the control of M23 rebels “Mouvement du 23 mars”.

Many tribes  live in region which is extremely reach in minerals such : gold, diamond, kerosene in Virunga  park and so on. Man, women and animals are victims.

BETRA BISIMWA president  of the movement declares every day on international, national and local radios  that people are living in the two territories are safe.

You should be well aware that in many domains such as : transportation,  education, science, economy, environment,  technology and are going backward in the region yet M23 rebels are looting, stilling our richness  for the well fare of multinational like Uganda, Rwanda…

Every day people cry and look for the savior.

Women are raped specially all ages : old ones, babies, teenagers.

Man  are also threaten, killed and burnt alive.

Houses are burnt and animals are killed too. In the current state, many internal displaced people have fled the region and live in camps. Such as MUGUNGA I, MUGUNGA II , MUNGUNGA III and NZULO. They live less than human yet they are not assisted or helped by the government. International Ngos help them by distributing items and food which is not the solution for Congolese.   Because of hunger women have become prostituted  in order to survive.

Sorrowful and sadness, 200 Fc (0.2 $ US), they have sex with men which is not protected. Blenoragy, and HIV are diseases which they are contaminated by their partners and unexpected pregnant are reported too. A great chaos in North – Kivu which is two territories are occupied  by M23. War is not  good in life of the human body. Who will save DRC Congo and which way can be used to get peace?

A victory by ballot is very strong than the victory by bullet, peace must be restored in Rutshuru and Masisi. Congolese government must also restore state authority.


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