Congolese must take conscience to save the Democratic Republic of Congo


20 years old , North – Kivu still in war,  7 million people from Nord – Kivu, the eastern part of the democratic republic are victims war.  Others say that it is tribalism, discrimination. Other reason multinational countries want to be reach by looting Congo richness (minerals) . Refugees coming from Rwanda when late ABIARIMANA was short in 1994. Before 1960, Congolese tribes love each other. The arrival of Hutu and Tutsi tribe brought by settlers  from Belgium to cultivate and work in their plants of tea at Masisi and other territories.  All those tribes : Nande, Pygmees, Hunde, Nyanga, Hutu, Tutsi, Kusu…lived in good harmony.  Things went wrong when the president of Rwanda were killed.  Having the land and looting Congo minerals has reached its climax, caused by Tutsi tribe supported by multinational countries. Tutsi people want to take North – Kivu and South Kivu by force so that they may live in, that is balkanization of DRC.  More than 1 000 000 of Congolese has been killed. Violence and looting have become normal for Congolese, bad things they don’t deserve.  Villagers, fauna have been destroyed. The country is being shaped day by day and be occupied by stranger. All these crimes are committed at the presence of Congolese government, MONUSCO, African Union, International community, can we say that they are involved in conflicts war in DRC? . Mali country has been saved by many countries to fight the enemy. Then why DRC?

Many questions are asked and there is a question mark in scenarios of we are living every day. One day the secret will be revealed. I dream Congo will sing the song of glory

In short  every Congolese must take conscience to save his/her richest country by bringing peace and development . None who will come to build the country at our place. ….

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