People from Ruthsuru- Kiwandja must give the tithe to support M23 rebels in the fighting


One week, more than 50 people were kidnapped at Kiwandja  city by M23 rebels, where they were called to attend a meeting. Suddenly, they were taken at Nyongera jail. Fortunately enough, they were liberated after alerting Congo government, Monusco. Victims were detained in bad conditions, 10 people in a room of 1 and 2 meters. Food were given on hands. Human rights were not respected . People are really suffering a great deal in the region. Tithes must  begiven to rebels  of M23 to support them rebels in the fighting against  FRDC, the regular army. Unsupportable, for those who deal with breeding of domestics animals must give an animal. A breeder who breeds ten cows must give one cow, businessmen must pay 10$ monthly, other citizens must give 2000 Fc (US $ 2.2), cultivator must give a bowl of beans as a contribution and a  token is given to the giver. Jehovah witnesses from Kiwanja  were persecuted after refusing orders  of M23  by saying no to hand over their contributions.  Why M23 which is  supported by multinationalsis disturbing people? After 6 PM no circulation of residents from Ruthsuru, they are really afraid of violence, looting, tortures, killing…specially men are so victims.  Has Ruthsuru become a hell zone or turned into North Mali?  Enough is enough, say victims. Freedom and peace must be restored  in Rutshuru.

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