A new tax in Rutshuru, even houses have to pay monthly.


Looking for means of fighting the current Democratic Republic Regime, Congolese from Rutshuru and Nyiragongo must pay per month money to support the rebellion. He who will not afford is jailed at Nyongera prison.  After taking the decision, every one  is under obligation. For people who live a brick houses must pay $ 30, a timber houses $ 20 and $ 10.

A less than human life  in the hot zone.

At 6 P.M ,  every one must be back at his or her residence no circulation during  night. A slave life.  Mind that Ruthsuru territory  located in Virunga park  rich in petrol, eyes of the world are on it. Men are enrolled by force in the rebellion and token are given to cultivators. Some jobless Congolese  have joined the movement to look for money. Aggression reaches its climax in red zone, the bloody region yet Monusco deal with restoring peace in those areas  taken by M23 rebels. Many questions  are asked, if  Rutshuru and Nyiragongo have  been given as gift by the DRC government to rebels? Why the monusco delays to launch the assault? Unsupportable, killing, violence, tortures, destroying the fauna. This situation  has been a blockage of lots of activities in the region in all domains.  Oh yes! Congolese must claim their  rights and look  for the new independance. Ideas lead the world.


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