Lack of water in Goma city.


Electrical break down  in  Goma  causes lack water in some places  of the city  in which water taps are installed. A  task, under ten years old  , matures and old people are seen surrounding   early in the morning in  the streets of Goma  looking for   water. Some others take it  from the lake for use and consomptution at their residence places also other  one’s sank and they are tortured, raped  along the road by children streets, thieves, hooligan police men and soldiers, too.    Water is life, people use water which is not pure  and not ready to consume, bloody water. People get diseases from it.

 People are accustomed to being contaminated by typhoid, malaria, diarrhea, sexual infections.

 Most  of people who use dirty water   got admitted at hospitals suffering from typhoid, malaria, diarrhea, sexual infections …,  yet medical treatment is very expensive  in the area in health centers, hospitals without forgetting in chemistry shop, medicine is expensive, too. Good leaders take care of his population. Scientists supported by Congolese government may solve the problem in order to save human beings.   


The huge country Democratic Republic has lots of rivers.

Rivers, lakes are in everywhere in the country, Congolese must  get a benefit from them. Unfortunately  neither hydroelectric power dam or water taps installed don’t serve the third quarter of Congolese, unbearable.  Sorrowful, bordering Congo countries import pure  water in DRC. Congo government should make more efforts to install tap water in every house of a Congolese and export it in other countries.

Some suggestions are required  :

–          To consume pure water if possible boil it before consumption;

–          Security of population is the most  important to protect people;

–          Nurses, physicians, ..must focus on hygiene in the country;

–          A part from Ruzizi, Inga one,.. power dams  others must be built too;

–          Water taps must be installed in every house and everywhere in DRC  to protect people;

–          Scientists must be supported by  Congolese government to  solve the problem in order to save human beings; 

–          Industries  and factories   are most important in the country to make pure water for sale abroad;

–          Protect like DRC pure water must be done in the Country…


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1 Response to Lack of water in Goma city.

  1. Yves Verreydt says:

    These are ideal advices. The lack of driinkable water is so a big problem in most of Congo’s regions

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