Nurses are on strike in Democratic Republic Of Congo.

A disaster in the Democratic Republic of Congo,  nurses claim their salary.

In the former time they stroke once again because the government did respect the argument signed last time in Kinshasa of paying them their salary. 

Neither can lead the country   nor perform  any job without being in a good health.

Lots of Congolese have been killed in war, by diseases like malaria, aids, cancers, typhoid fever… also the number can increase if nurse insist on striking. How will they get the medicine? Congo government should bridge the differences  to save souls of millions Congolese  a head of time. Giving a prompt reply to nurses would more important to solve the issue.  In other sectors like teaching, army, …is the same, people claim. Congo government  should make more efforts to put an  end to  the crisis which humiliates the country.

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