Goma needs water


Through out a paper, people from Goma city look for a help of water

Suffering from lack of water, people from Goma has launched a sos to the world for a help by writing on papers “Goma needs water” and remind provincial, and local authorities to solve the problem.  More than 1 000 000 people from Goma city, near Kivu lake,  suffer a great deal to get potable water.

Children carry water from Kivu Lake

More than 1 000 000 people from Goma city, near Kivu lake, the regional capital of North – Kivu, eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo suffer a great deal to get potable water. 

During night, early in the morning, and day. Children, young people, mothers , fathers carry empty jerry cans to look for potable water at the lake. The cause of missing it is the absence of the electrical current in the town. Youth from Goma, have expressed themselves with photos on social network to look a help.

 Water becomes expensive and affects people

 One jerry can of 20 liters costs 500 Fc (0.5$) and sellers profit from that bad situation.

At the tank, one jerry can is 300 F.c “0.3$”. Not that ,struggling for getting unchlorated water which is sold by porters on bicycles from the lake, the ask much money yet lots of people are jobless.

The consumption of unpotable water affects people from Goma.

In local hospitals or health centers, lots cases of malaria, typhoid fever, diarrhea… are registered by nurses and physicians.

Lack of water,  current cause diseases, and diseases, three problems to solve.

Water is life, provincial  authorities have to solve the issue as they did their best with a help of Monusco to fight M23 rebels at Rutshuru, Nyirangongo, territories, mai mai at Masisi, Walikale and ADF/NALU, Ugandan rebels in Beni.

 By Nguru Wasingya Anselme

Lack of water for in Goma for many days pushes people to verify the type water

This man verifies the tap water, and estonnished for not getting water


During the dry season, young people and mums surrund in Goma city to look  for     potable water

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