Philemon Gira, his left leg  cut in Goma

Philemon Gira, his left leg cut at Cbca Bethsaida Ndosho  hospital in Goma/Photo : Frank Assani

Philemon Gira, his left leg cut at Cbca Bethsaida Ndosho hospital in Goma/Photo : Frank Assani

Philemon Gira, reporter cameraman   at Congolese National Radio Television  in Goma ,  was seriously injured by three  bandits who shot bullet on his legs nearby his residence   in Goma  at the evening,  in October 25th. Bandits took his bag containing camera  and recording tapes before  running away.  The journalist was rescued by  passers-by who took him to the hospital.

According to information  we received by the doctor, the left leg of Philemon Gira was  cut on monday, november 3, 2014, by his doctors at Cbca  Bethsaida-Ndosho hospital where he is still  admitted.  The doctors told his family that this was the ultimate solution to save the life of the journalist.

Journalist in Danger (JED) expressed great compassion for Philemon Gira, a journalist at Congolese National Radio Television , provincial chain of Goma, capital of North – Kivu province (eastern DRC) which  has a  amputated leg after being attacked by gun men.

Anselme Nguru Wasingya  and his friend , we were   also arrested by soldiers in Beni,  last september, where more than 100 people have been slaughtered by  Ugandan rebels Adf at  Oicha town, Eringeti village, at Ngadi, Beni city last october.  We were accused to have bear and being spies.

Last Monday,  I was also arrested by students who where demonstrated against the massacre in Beni. My camera  was seized which I got thanks to Freepressunlimited based in Amsterdam  last april   and given back after.

JED urges  Congolese authorities and all people of good will who can bring their moral and material  to support professional media  who is unable  to perform his work  and take care of  Gira’s  family. Actors who attempted to kill Gira were not yet arrested.  Investigations are being cared out.

By Anselme Nguru Wasingya

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