One person killed and more than houses burnt by Mai Mai in Wakilake



Gold, land, silver, diamond. Congolese face all sorts of tortures on their own land for 20 years.

Twenty first century of tears in Walikale, in south of Bakano sector pupil and more than 70 houses have been burnt in the fighting between Mai Mai KIFUAFUA and Mai Mai CHEKA.

Walikale territory, the widest in North Kivu rich in minerals has become a field of bottle , violence, killing, burning houses. 

People from the territory are not stable and others have left it to seek refuge in others stable area.

Armed group in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo has become business.

Misery and poverty is not good in life, youth is used to extract minerals for the well fare of mutli nationals yet Walikale is very poor in development. Health, economy, education are un considered, the real right of a normal human being.

These important elements mentioned above are among keys of development of Walikale. What will we tell the future generation?

Strangers assisted by powerful countries of the world suck our richest country Congo.

Why people from North – Kivu are tortured at their own land by stranger one’s?   

Is  the current regime of Congo  involved in DRC crises?

People cannot be saved but themselves  look for freedom.

Peace is the right of  every human being,  Congolese must throw the blanket to save themselves and rebuilt the country.



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